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I am a 65 year old motorcycle enthusiast .At the moment Ihave 5 bikes including a 1986 k100rs and a 1984 k100rs.As I am disabled I need to put a sidecar on my 1986 model.Ihave purchased an old Watsonian  Squire which I am restoring. The difficulty I am having is finding a subframe to sit under my bike. does anyone have one for sale or have any drawings to build one? Any help would be gratefully received


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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Hi Tony

Welcome to the forum and you are indeed in the right place.

Sidecar Paul on the forum is a fountain of knowledge on this subject and even better he is not a million miles away from you........

Don't be afraid to ask any questions, everyone is very willing to share knowledge and advice and experiences and someone will have whatever answers you need.

You might get to travel a bit too and meet a few other K owners.

We had a rather nice meet up with an Australian forum member [Indian036] on Monday as he was over here on vacation. Second time meeting him here!. Born Again Eccentric [BAE] is a regular visitor and we have a rather nice place to meet that's only about 55 miles from Dublin port.....or you can travel to Belfast and Dai, Comberjon and more will find you some cracking scenic routes.

There is a section in the forum all about adding a sidecar to your K, hit the forum tab and you should see it.

Best of luck in the project too.


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