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Looking to install a set of clip-on bars.  Not trying to lower the front end, so would like to mount them just below the top clamp for the forks.

I've been working on cars for 20 years but this is the first motorcycle I've customized (had bikes before but outside of slip-on mufflers and stuff, haven't had forks apart, etc).

The front brake line appears to go through the middle hole in the triple clamp.  I don't see away around having to disconnect it and bleed the brakes to do this.  Are there any tips/tricks for this kind of replacement?

I know there are some hinged clip-on's out there that may not require this.  I haven't settled on something like that yet because of price, but am open.



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You can take off the wheel and unbolt the brake calipers without disconnecting the brake pipes. You need a jack under the engine to keep the front of the bike up......

You will see two Allen bolts on each side, looking down from above, they clamp the stanchions to the triple clamp and the top aluminium casting that is V shaped. You can unbolt them and if you are lucky the stanchions should be able to drop down in one piece without opening anything else, enough to slide the clip ons over the top and then back up again. If they have not been out before it can be hard to separate the metals so a little care is needed.                                                                                                                                                               

Give the Allen bolts some WD40 first, but I would take them out and put some copper paste on them then bolt it all back up.

Thre are variations in the front braking pipes so you need to look out for a brake pipe passing between one caliper and the other as this makes it a little more tricky. However if you have a Y pipe under the down tube and separate lines out to each caliper its easier.

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Do you happen to know the fitting size for the brake line from the triple tree to the master?  It looks like I'll need to purchase a longer one once the clip-ons are installed.  Looks like a -3 by my eye.


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