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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
Years ago Sprint manufacturing in England was making a very nice fairing. The company is now making accessories for Triumph but they still have the tooling to make it as a Canadian fellow found out.
I have one on my K75, and wouldn't trade it for anything else. (It can be installed on a K100 or a K75.)

Here is an Email from the company ( ):

Primer unless we still have the paint here in which case it can be colour matched (included but only if there is paint still here).It's complete with additional wiring loom, screen and r/h dipping headlights.
Extra screen if required £58.75
Turn signals to be sorted at the time of manufacture.
Glass fibre miniumum of 900g/m2
Finished weight approx. complete 18 to 20 lbs
We could still manufacture one of these fairings for £650 + delivery, but during the Winter period only. Price in Pounds.

some pictures of the fairing.


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