BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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GF Wollongong

GF Wollongong
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Platinum member
I'm not going to use them

Was going to store them in the attic and hope the magic fairies might weave their magic. But judging by the fact the the 5+ bags of insulation are still sitting there after 6 years, I am deluded or lazy (or both)

Both fairings are the main body. As above, no screen, no side vents.
The better of the two fairings has a broken Upper LHS lug. If you are creative with the fibreglass, it's fixable. Someone has sanded the fairing and it is very usable (but of filler bog etc etc). Maybe 2 can make 1.

Light gold in colour
PM me if you want them

Going to God if no takers within a month. I can store them (in the attic!!) if you live in Bunbury, Broome, Burnie or Brisbane and will be dropping in at some stage in the future.

Might make very black smoke if I let my son burn them.

Guy (Wollongong)


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