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Hey K100 crew!

I'm honored to be able to join the K100 club with my first BMW bike. Recently picked up a 1991 BMW K100RS off Craigslist about a month ago.  Still learning the ins and outs of the bike and am excited to experiment with my build over the next few months.  

My day job is graphic design and I'm stoked to be able to put my creativity to work on something physical for a change.  I've got some great ideas for how I want my K to look and a ton to learn about maintaining it and making sure it's at 100%.  

My goal for now has been to strip the bike to its basics and start crafting something truly unique to myself that fits my aesthetic preference and character and have decided to go with something close to a cafe racer, but with functionality and comfort as a forefront.  Reading everyone's posts on this forum has already been a great experience and I can't wait to start my own build thread and get opinions from you masters.

Ride on!



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Hello Tyler and welcome. A 1991 sounds to me like a good find - probably, depending on distance on the clock, you would need little if any work on the motor/transmission parts. How many miles on the clock?

As you have probably discovered already, there's a wealth of knowledge and know-how on this site and the members are very helpful.

Good luck with your project



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WelKome from a fellow west coaster.  You've got some great riding around SLO. I love riding 58 inland from Santa Margarita.

Here's my 91/92 RS (somewhat of a Frankenbike) on 58.

Getting started in the world of Motos Bmwe5394

From the title of your post it sounds as though this might be your first bike. Or do you already have some riding under your belt?

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94 K1100RS
93 K1100LT (x2)
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93 K75S (K11 front end)
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