BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Long-time K owner here, I bought my first K100RS ('85) in late 1992 upon return from England.  I previously owned three airheads and wanted to see what the fuss was about.  Loved that experience and in 2003 I bought another used K, a '96 K1100RS SE (black and sliver).  That was a major upgrade and I liked it even more.

Put about 68K miles of my own on the '85 (it has 155K miles now), and have put 120K+ on the '96, it's at 143K miles now.  Sadly last week it left me stranded for the first time, engine just stopped running, so I'm working on that fault now.

Since that purchase I've gotten an '06 K1200GT which now has 111K miles (more than 100K are mine), and two years ago I bought a '12 K1600GT which is amazing.  I'm torn though between the K12 and K16.  The K11 is a nice machine to get on once in a while, I don't let it sit too long, however the riding postion now that I'm over 60 y/o is a bit too much for extended rides.  The '85 hasn't been run in many years, I plan to rectify that situation this year.


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Born Again Eccentric

Born Again Eccentric
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Welcome along...a long time K owner clearly with a severe dose of what people round these forum pages call "KPox".
Nice selection of bikes, but what a dilemma - which bike to ride today?


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"Heidi" K100LT 1991 (Grey) (VIN 0190172 Engine No. 104EB 2590 2213) - 5th owner. January 2014 (34,000 - 61,000 miles and counting....)
"Gretel" K100LT 1989 (Silver Grey) (VIN 0177324 Engine No. 104EA 2789 2211) - 4th+ owner. September 2015 (58,500miles and counting....). Cat C Insurance write-off rebuild Feb 17
"Donor" K100LT 1990 (Red)  (VIN 0178091 Engine No. 4489 2024) - 6th & final owner (crash write-off now donor bike).   June 2012 (73,000 miles) to November 2013 (89,500 miles)

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