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Hi folks! I'm the proud owner of a 1989 K100 RS. I picked it up about a year and a half ago and have been able to put about 1500 miles on it before the clutch finally started to slip. I knew this was coming, and so have decided that while I'm going to have that much of the bike disassembled, I might as well go ahead with a larger overhaul of all the seals and other long-term maintenance needs. I'm joining this forum as I prepare to take on this project. I have no real mechanical background or experience, save for some minor repairs and tweaks on previous bikes. I have no doubt I will need the guidance and input of others as I blunder my way through this restoration.


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Two Wheels Better

Two Wheels Better
WelKome to the forum. No doubt you'll have a long Winter in MN to do your fair share of garage time. There's a whole heap of info available here, and I reckon you'll find members are quite accommodating to your needs, so ask any question you have to. The search engine is a great place to try a preliminary search. Someone likely has come up against the same issue you might face. Check out the 'So you've bought a K bike' thread on the main page, too.
A good idea is to pop the bike's year/model info into the signature section of your profile. It alleviates second guessing when you create a new thread.


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Welcome!  As TWB has mentioned, this is the place to be when you need a question about a K bike answered.

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