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Two Wheels Better

Two Wheels Better
I have a silver gearbox that's been weighing down my cheap, plastic shelving since about late 2012. I've kept it up to level with oil and have spun it a coupla times a year. It's very clean, doesn't leak (though I would re-seal it for regular use) and came out of a running but crash-damaged RS that came into the shop I once worked in, shifting smoothly. It comes with the pushrod, a good boot, and clutch arm with adjustment screw and locknut, too. The splines are both in very good nick. I don't remember the mileage accurately but I reckon it was south of 60K miles from what was scratched on another part that I used from the bike a few years ago. The currently installed gear position switch is not going along with it. This gearbox is the same part number in ETK as a bare case between K75 and K100 but the internal ratios are likely different. I noticed the shift shaft splines are slightly cobbie but a lever slips on and off without fuss. This will only fit Monolever, not Paralever due to a lack of a torque arm flange.

Any need out there? Please PM me.
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