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A friend of mine just bought this 32K 92 K75RT.  Since 2008 it's been an exhibit at The National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.  He had it shipped to Tacoma, Washington and we just picked it up yesterday.  Since he doesn't wrench I'll be the one bringing it back to life.

Another K75 BFTD (back from the dead)

Another K75 BFTD (back from the dead) BB.Rainbow

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Isn't it just nice to get one like that.

I am currently enjoying a K100RS that spent 17 years in a boat shed, did 7,000 miles in that time but did get maintained. Currently using it a bit to see what's needed and am now being surprised by what's NOT needed.

Down to a small list really, spline lubes, brake caliper repairs, rear shock, lube up head bearings and just tyres which were dealt with by putting on spare wheels I keep. PO did injectors, rubbers, vacuum lines, brake lines, fuel pump and filter, plus a long list of Motorworks bits and pieces

You will find same as many years in the dry fixings aren't so hard to get out.......enjoy it!

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Suzi Q

Suzi Q
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I like that. Next time somebody tries to tell you that you're riding a bike that 'belongs in a museum', you can say, "Actually.....

Sometimes I'm not really Suzi Quatro.

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