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Hello all 
Your wisdom is needed 
I wash the the bike and now she seems to be running on two cylinders only 

It wont idle 
And when riding it seems to fire when it wants and then stop again 
It like a boost button and put about 500 to a 1000 extra revs on in a split second then die again 

I went a 5km hoping the heat would sort it out but it was bloody hard work riding it and working the throtle to keep it going 
And a bit wild in a corner when it kicked back in 

Where should i start looking 
Is this lead coil or hal sensors ?


Rick G

Rick G
I doubt very much the hall sensors would be the problem. Coils and leads would be the first place to look and check for water in the multi pin plug on the ECU

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How good are the seals on your gas cap?  Could be water in the gas.

Unless they have lots of dirt on them I generally don't wash my bikes anymore, just go over them with cleaner wax.

Occasionally I take the wheels off and wash them though.

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She running great again

Checked the big brain under the seat and it was dry 
Took the cover off the coil pack and the bottom of the pack was a little wet
Took the spark plug cover off the leads seem dry hard to tell with the heat



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If it happens again, spray the coils where the plug wires connect with WD40.  This will push out the water and quickly dry the connections.  This is what WD40 was designed to do, but, ironically, it's the one thing that almost nobody uses it for.

You might want to check the plug wires and the rubber caps at the coil connection for cracks and splits.  Normally, unless you go crazy with a pressure washer(should never be used on a bike) the electrical stuff should not be adversely affected by water when you wash the bike or ride in heavy rain.

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