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I posted earlier about this 32K 1992 K75RT a friend of mine bought that had spent the last ten years languishing in a motorcycle museum in Iowa.  He had it shipped out west to Tacoma where I picked it up and trailered it to my place.

My second BFTD for the year  (Back From The Dead) 1992.BB.Museum

Got to working on its rebirth a couple of weeks ago once the new tires had been installed.  Pulled the plugs, sprayed in some fogging oil to prelube the cylinders, changed the oil and installed a new fuel filter with some fresh gas.  Unsurprisingly, it would not start.  The exhaust had no smell of gas so I’m pretty sure that all of the fuel injectors were clogged.  So we sent a set of three injectors off to Mr. Injector to have them serviced.
Yesterday morning we set about installing fresh external fuel lines and the set of refurb’d injectors.  The last dipstick who serviced this bike installed the air filter backwards so once we had the fairing lower off it took two of us working and swearing for about 25 minutes to get the darned thing out in order to get the bottom half of the air box out to access the fuel pressure regulator.
Low and behold what did we find but a cozy little rodent domicile.  Not a very smart rodent as it looks as though he was stockpiling D-Con. (A rodent poison brand here in the US.) But at least he didn’t nibble or gnaw on anything so a shop vac was all that was needed to remedy the situation.

My second BFTD for the year  (Back From The Dead) DSC00446

Once we had things back together it took a few seconds of starting for the fuel to fully circulate but once it did the K75 fired right up like it had last been run yesterday. Aside from an initial burst it really didn’t smoke at all. My camera is dying so the video I shot of starting it is corrupt but I managed to salvage this frame of when it first came to life with a puff of smoke.

My second BFTD for the year  (Back From The Dead) 190523.BB.First.Start

We then warmed it up and I sync’d the throttle bodies before starting to put the lower fairing back on.

Paul had to leave for an appointment and once I finished putting the fairing back together I took it out for a test ride. The ABS initialized well right out of the driveway and everything worked just fine on my test ride.

My second BFTD for the year  (Back From The Dead) DSC00452

Still to do:
1 – Bleed the old brake fluid that looks like used motor oil and check the brake pads
2 – Change fork oil
3 – Change coolant
4 – Spline lube (when the FD and trans gear oil will get changed)

Current stable:
86 Custom K100 (standard fairing, K75 Belly pan, Ceramic chromed engine covers, paralever)
K75 Frankenbrick (Paralever, K11 front end, hybrid ABS, K1100RS fairing, radial tires)
86 K75C Turbo w/ paralever
94 K1100RS
93 K1100LT (x2)
91 K1
93 K75S (K11 front end)
91 K75S (K1 front end)
14 Yamaha WR250R
98 Taxi Cab K1200RS
14 K1600GT


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Life time member
I love these stories about resurrections (the K75 ones that is).   Very Happy

Red 1991 K75S

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