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I just put this page up:

Once you have the guts out of the cluster, insert a small regular(flat) screwdriver in between the digit wheels and rotate it clockwise. While doing this you need to make enough of a gap between the two wheels for their little cogs to disconnect. The digit on the left side of the screwdriver will increase by one each time you do this.

Start at the second from the right (tens) digit and move to the left since each time you spin a number past 9 the number to the left of it will increase.


Change odometer mileage Odocha1

If you care about the rightmost digit you can spin that using Karumba or just put the bike on the center stand, put it in gear and run the bike.  (Of course if you spin it past 9 then the tens digit will increase by one so plan ahead.)

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Here's some photos that may help you understand what's inside the odometer, so you can know what is being pushed around. Once I had taken the speedometer side of the cluster loose, removing the trip meter made it a little easier to spin the different mileage "wheels" (ones, tens, hundreds, et al).
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