BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Hi everyone, during last 5 years I have bought a couple of Bricks:  ;BMW; Hello from Milan, Italy 2854237993

The first one is a 8V obtained from a friend of mine who decided to get a lighter Nippon bike, 
so i decided to refresh it and use for middle range turism.

The second one is a 16V found when it was just to be dismissed, so I wanted to give it a new life whith heavy revision and new paint too.
Unfortunately, on 16V, I have experineced an "unexpected" electrical failure, but this is just a matter to post on the  electrical forum. Hello from Milan, Italy 797640

Now I need to see how to be granted to add post it...

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Welcome Luc Smile

Throw your K-worries here (in the right section) and we will sort it out Smile

Hello from Milan, Italy Eu-log10  K1100RS/LT - R1200RT - R1100RS - Cagiva SST 350 Ala Verde - K75LT project - K75 Schurgers - K75S - K1100RS - K75RT - K75C

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