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In December I bought a '92 K100RS 16V (is it 16V or 4-valve?) in black with 85k miles on eBay. Never ridden one before but it was cheap enough for a punt. MOT history shows it doing 8k miles a year between 2005 and 2010, off the road 2011 to 2013, then 2k a year up to mid-2016. Then off the road again.

I had hoped I might get away with a full service then run it for a couple of months while I give my  R100RS ('81 twin shock) some tlc. Sadly, that's not to be. Here's a list of faults found so far:

  • ABS doesn't work. I'll probably bin it; I can live without 12kg of unreliable gubbins.
  • Engine rattles at tick-over. Matches the desciption on this forum of tired rubbers in the alternator drive coupling. But it might also be the two allen keys sitting on top of the gearbox casing cos' the rubbers look ok.
  • Missing mirror, loose and distorted bellypan, both mudguards loose and cosmetic issues: shabby paintwork, missing tank badge, broken indicators - minor stuff on a 30 year-old bike.
  • Front wheel shows signs of having being refurbished, i.e. straightened and repainted. Needs a thorough inspection before running a 500lb bike at 130mph.

Ok, I knew all this when I handed the cash over.
Then we come to the major problems which mean it will skulk in a corner a while longer:

  • Clutch gone. Rideable, just, but won't take much throttle or revs.
  • Radiator leaking - badly.

Then, other issues to be sorted as and when:

  • Two out of three discs below minimum thickness.
  • Brake calipers and master cylinders need a rebuild and new brake hoses all round.

The seller said he'd had the bike for a year but hadn't ridden it and was passing it on untouched. He seemed genuine and is a forum regular and so I'd like to assume he didn't know how neglected it was. Although I do have to wonder whether his hurry to shut it off after demonstrating it would start had more to do with the hole in the radiator than disturbing the neighbour's child.

Time aside, if I'm lucky I might get it rideable for £250. Then it will need discs and tyres to make it roadworthy and a respray to make it good. How far I go will depend on how much I like riding it. But armed with the Clymer manual and the info on this forum, I expect to have it going by March.


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Welcome. I hope it was dirt cheap as a grand can still buy a good running bike. John


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Welcome Stanthomas Smile

Got a nice project, should be a weekend done Cool

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92KK 84WW Olaf

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ABS is easy enough to take out as you say but before you bin it check the wheel sensor clearances.

Wheels are easy to come by and you may pick up a front with the discs on it.

All the brake repair kits are available, but DO NOT split the front calipers.

Engine rattle at tickover...check your exhaust studs and that the flanges are tight...if one is loose it will give the same rattle sound as the monkey nuts.

Radiator leaking badly...check to make sure it is actually the radiator and not the water pump.

If clutch is gone do the ream main seal [crankshaft seal] as well. Clutch kits etc not expensive, have done one K.

You may ell pick up some parts from here.

And...welcome to the forum!!!

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