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I bought a BEP3.0 and installed it on my BMW K100 (1989). I use an Acewell md085-553 as speedo

Bike starts and runs good! 

Just 1 problem, the warning light stays on

- Plugged in an original bmw dashboard connector

- The speedo gets it's voltage from the BEP3.0.... 

- I do use the combined warning option WRN from BEP to warninglight on Acewell

What I did allready

On BEP3.0

- Switched off the choke option and the backlight control

- Tested/ meassured the SWP and the BAT ports

- WRN port stays at around 7,5V (????)

On bike

The old brotbox/ dash says no problem, all lights out after starting, reving and use of brakes.

- Checked for glowing batterylight concerning 1989 bug fix.

- Took out abs relays (abs was allready removed)

- Tested Alternator (kicks in @1500rpm) and gives 14.1V

- Replaced battery with new bmw battery

- Checked ground cable/ cleaned the connections

On the Acewell

- Set Volt (Low warning) on at 11.0V and off at 12.0V

- Set Volt High at 15.0V

The Acewell does something strange though

With choke on, the warning light glows brighter and it reads 13.7Volt

Turning of choke, the warning light dims, but is still on. The volt reading goes up to 19+Volt and then drops to 0.3Volt. (????)

 Checked battery and alternator again, they stay correct, no spikes or drops.

Does anyone have an idea how to make this warning light go off?

Best regards


The Netherlands


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