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Hi, I bought a 1987 K100RS Motorsport with 14k on the odometer
 The fellow I bought from purchased it from a estate where it sat for 18 years!
He went through it and refurbished the entire fuel system (new pump, filter, fuel level sending unit, injectors sent out to be cleaned etc) replaced the stuck rear brake parts changed the antifreeze.
 I bought it and replaced the tires with Metzler Roadtec 01 and now its finally licensed!
Today was the first ride to put fresh gas in and ride....
I rode a total of 160 miles with a mpg of 50 through the NY Catskills and visited 3 reservoirs
Very pleased with the bike (I had the exact same bike 12 years ago  Very Happy

ps I cant post photos until I meet the Forum required number of posts



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Nice avatar!

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1987 K100RT
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I like the white bikes almost as much as the red ones! Very Happy


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92KK 84WW Olaf

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A nice buy and good to see you here.

Due to age, long sitting time and lack of use some rubbers etc are going to fail so buy cheap before you need them. Been there, got a 29k mile RS that sat 17 years but the risks are predictable.

Z pipe crank case breather.
Vacuum caps.
Vacuum pipe from throttle bodies to fuel pressure regulator.
Your outside tank fuel pipes.
Your coolant pipe from radiator to expansion bottle.
That lot is not expensive but the old ones crack in time.

2 items that are high enough risk.
Coolant/oil pump seals.
Crankshaft rear main seal hardening due to lack of use. Thats a gearbox off job and normally recommended replace the other seals and O rings. At 14k miles the clutch plate should be good. If the seal does give out then the clutch fricton plate becomes toast too. Keep a close eye on the hole under the bell housing, oil coming out this hole is the tell tale.

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Welcome!  Is that the pine bush outside of Albany?  Nice area for riding.  Catskills, Adirondacks and Berkshires all in easy distance.  Beautiful country!

I like White bikes as well, but for some reason they seem to trigger hostility in law enforcement around where I ride.  I had an all white 16V K100RS nicknamed "The Moby Brick" that got me three B.S. tickets in two years from belligerent cops.  Never had that kind of trouble with any other bike I ever owned.  Strange!

First Ride of my new to me K100RS Bikes_14

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Love Motorsport KRS's , that's a beautiful bike , look after it

John Re

Melbourne Australia

Diamond Grey ( 617 ) 1987 K100RS ( European Delivery ) Original owner

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