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Now that I have two (aaaugh! haha..) 1990s K-bikes and a long-wished-for Flexit sidecar, I discovered that the Yahoo Flexit Owners' Group was deactivated by Yahoo in February of this year, along with all other Yahoo groups... grrr. As it sometimes happens, I find myself a bit late to the party.

Having observed a Flexit or two on this forum, I ask for any pointers to a blog-type knowledge group for Flexits which will likely be beyond the interests of this excellent forum. For example, my new-to-me Flexit hangs off of its long-mated K100RS 4-Valver... I eventually intend to try and hang the Flexit off of my nearly pristine K75 instead, and therefore I seek information on creating new hanging brackets with appropriate geometry. Additionally, my particular Flexit has visibly had a productive and adventurous life, with prior owners removing things, adding other things etc. etc... I am hesitant to reverse such changes without really knowing what I'm doing. I could greatly benefit from plugging into a group of fellow Flexit owners with oodles of experience compared to my limited knowledge.

Any advice will be truly welcome.

Thanks in advance!

1995 K75T.  I am the 3d owner.  Bought it in June 2019 with 6,242 miles on the odo.
1991 K100RS 4-valve attached to a 1990 Flexit sidecar. I am at least the 3d owner. Bought with 21,00+ miles on bike's odo.

old (indeterminate age) Ural + sidecar
1997 Buell S3T Thunderbolt
1982 BMW R100CS
1974 Kawasaki KZ400
1970 Suzuki Titan

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