BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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For Sale to a good home:
- 1995 Monolever K75 swing arm, black (13,000+ miles).
SOLD - XXX - 1995 Monolever K75 final drive, - SOLD - black, ratio 32:10 (13,000+ miles).
SOLD - XXX - 1995 Monolever K75 drive shaft - SOLD - (13,000+ miles), like-new splines.
- 1995 K75 OEM center stand, slight surface rust on outside bottom road-contact surfaces, (13,000+ miles) -- I just converted to a K1100 center stand.
- Paralever torsion bar, early one-piece version, newly powder-coated in black. Because of the narrowness of my 1995 transmission tangs, I went with the later two-piece pressed steel torsion bar instead.
- IKON 3610-1009 shock (minus spring) for K75. About 1,000 miles' use on this shock. Much better than OEM shock. I ordered a special-made, longer 3610 shock for my new K75 Paralever and transferred the IKON spring to it.

Interested? Pls PM me. I'd love these finite resources to go to someone who needs them.

1995 K75T.  I am the 3d owner.  Bought it in June 2019 with 6,242 miles on the odo.
1991 K100RS 4-valve attached to a 1990 Flexit sidecar. I am at least the 3d owner. Bought with 21,00+ miles on bike's odo.

old (indeterminate age) Ural + sidecar
1997 Buell S3T Thunderbolt
1982 BMW R100CS
1974 Kawasaki KZ400
1970 Suzuki Titan

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