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- is it even possible to replace ABS 1st Gen control units with ABS II? My K100 RS 4-valver has the the ABS wheel gear rings, and obviously the other stuff like the Motronic-level electronic OEM circuits... this model year's RS was factory-dressed with a lot of the later stuff.

- if it is possible, it this mod remotely economically reasonable to do at an individual owner's effort level for the parts and time cost?

- Has anyone here done it? ...and then liked the results enough to live with the mod?

I am asking because the ABS 1st Gen caused a nasty total brake failure while on the road, under the previous owner's management... hence, he yanked the ABS control units off several years ago. Hearing the story, I refused the old ABS 1st Gen un-mounted units when I bought this bike. Just curious...

Thanks in advance!

1995 K75T.  I am the 3d owner.  Bought it in June 2019 with 6,242 miles on the odo.
1991 K100RS 4-valve attached to a 1990 Flexit sidecar. I am at least the 3d owner. Bought with 21,00+ miles on bike's odo.

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1997 Buell S3T Thunderbolt
1982 BMW R100CS
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I'll take a stab and say that it's not possible without major modifications.
They're physically different and mounted in different locations so I would guess that you'd need to shift things around to do that. The ABSII modulator is quite large and sits beside the smaller battery on my K11RS
Later models are wired a little differently and the diagnostic interface is different too.

I think ABS is really worthwhile so I'd suggest you look around for another K that has ABSII. The K11 is a great machine.

Just my thoughts. Maybe someone else will have a different story but I've never heard of anyone swapping up to ABSII


1989 K100RT     VIN  0097367 (naked)  
1996 K1100RS   VIN  0451808
  Replacing ABS 1st Gen with ABS II... possible? Austra12    Fuel:  95 Octane
Engine Oil: Nulon Full Synthetic 15W50
Gear Box Oil:  Nulon Synthetic 75W90

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