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Hi all,

I'm Luís and am from Sintra in Portugal.

I don't actually own any K, I do own a R nineT Classic 2018 that I bought new and have kept busy riding and modding ever since. I've been riding bikes since I was 16, which is already, erm, 34 years ago :-(

Anyway, the reason I got here is because I occasionally give a hand to a friend of mine who is a serious K-fan, he owns one K1, one K1100LT and one K1100RS, so, yeah, he's into Ks.

Currently, the K1100LT doesn't start so we're going to troubleshoot it and maybe I find some info here that will help.

I'm attaching two pics of my nineT as it stands now and a third one with me on top but as it stood a few months ago, still without the latest round of mods.

Hi from Sintra Img_7510
Hi from Sintra Img_7511
Hi from Sintra 4glmfc10

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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Life time member
Nice to see you here.

Maybe your friend might come on here too?

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1996 K1100LT 0233004 Lohengrin Mystic Red 38,000 miles currently 42,640 miles.

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Life time member
Welcome Luis, I'm sure you'll find all the help your friend needs here.  The knowledge is deep and wide!   cheers

1996 K1100LT

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Welcome Luis Smile

Might start with the connector to the sidestandswitch.

Hi from Sintra Eu-log10  K1100RS/LT - R1200RT - R1100RS (RIP) - Cagiva SST 350 Ala Verde - K75LT project - K75 Schurgers - K75S

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