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Hi All,

I was wondering if any one has experienced this. I have stripped down my K1100lt which is currently a cafe racer fitted with a Acewell clock and a bep 3.0. The bike ran fine last year and I also fitted a Motogadget M-lock which operated as it should. Now this winter the bike has been pulled apart and the frame and engine painted. I have stripped out all the ABS loom as it is no longer present on the bike.

So the frame has gone on to the engine fixed at the front mounting points only, I have put the loom back in, connected the clocks and all the other wires and check all my earths which are the main harness earth, Acewell clock water sender earth, motogadget earth these all go to the frame earth point and an earth from the mototronic unit which goes to the gearbox at the moment. . Now, when I activate the m-lock all I am getting on the clock is a red oil light! no horn indicators nothing, no start button.

I then pulled the loom again went and traced all the wiring to check if I has snipped a wire by mistake and all seems to be ok apart from 2 wires. Blue brown wire coming from the frame to Engine plug, this is not connected to anything and I believe it went to an ABS plug. Then I also have a white/brown wire from the main instrument plug which is the 4L warning light wire. This is also not connected to anything. Neither of these I think will cause the issue I am having.

I would point out that I have had the clocks work once then they turned off again. The engine currently has no fluids in it as I am basically trying to test the electrics.

Can anyone shed any light have I missed anything here? I have power on the positive and neutral terminals on the starter relay also. Any help would be greatly received. Thank you. nIGEL



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Front mounting points are rubber bushed and won't complete the ground path to the battery from the frame ground under the tank. Run a ground wire between the frame ground and the ground screw on the side of the transmission.

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You mention a 4l warning light wire. Are you sure? K1100 has 5l. Early K100 has 2, a 4 and 7l.

K100 does have side stand switch, did you do anything to that?

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How about using Member's Introduction to do that, then when everyone's said their welkomes, howdees and good to see yous, then make another post in the appropriate section with the question you came here for?

Welkome, howdee & good to see you!

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