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About 10 years ago I retired my K100RS and sold off a bunch of parts. But there's a lot left and I just want to get some more space in my garage. I really don't want to take all this stuff to the scrap yard -- they'll pay me for it, but I'd rather have it go to a good motorcycle home.

Catch is that I don't want to futz around with shipping it, so you'd need to come pick it up in Jacksonville, IL (about 30 miles W of Springfield, 90 miles N of St. Louis).  What's available?

Engine (dusty)
Stock shock, after-market shock
Electronic control modules
Front fork / shocks
Two alternators (I think)
Starter motor
Brake calipers
Rear hub
Stock exhaust
Drive shaft
Fuel tank
Other bits and pieces

Here's a link to the photo album:

If you are interested, let me know and we can work out a pick-up time.



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Wow, would love to have the gas tank.
 Could I pay you some money for your time to ship it and get an idea of the cost of shipping to Prince George B.C. (via the least expensive method)?
Truly interested in this item.

Model        Production Date/Serial Number
K100RS      1984 July/ (F0040448)
K100RS      1986 Dec/ (H0142581)

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