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Morning all,

Quick hello from me having purchased an 89' LT yesterday.

After selling my 01' CBR600 F4i Sport a few years ago to fund a car purchase, I had always fancied another bike.

Was chatting to a few friends the other week regarding cafe racers in general - the next thing I knew, I was browsing eBay and the local classifieds.
I think we as a group of petrol heads are the same, once you have an idea in your head you end up on autopilot until you buy something  Laughing.

I decided to go down the route of building a cafe racer as it suits my requirements when it comes to a bike - when I had the CBR I didn't really use it all that often and wasn't a quick rider anyway, I had all the intentions of going for some tuition on track, but never got round to it.
When I did go out on the bike I never ventured too far (North Wales is only 40 miles from where I live) and took it at an easy pace - I must have looked silly on a sportsbike.
My aim for this build is to build something that I can go easy on / pootle about on (I must be getting old).

Initially I was looking for an RS, went to go and take a look at one that had been stood for 10 years and was a non-runner, - it didn't make sense financially as it would have needed a lot of parts, literally everything.
An LT came up fairly locally at a good price, went to go and see it and a deal was done - rode the 50 miles home in utter comfort.

Will be starting the strip down and building a list over the next few days, so will add some photos.

My aim is to have the bike looking like a cafe racer by the start of next spring (winter project), however I am usually very impatient with projects, so will probably find I just crack on with it - larger modifications I aim to carry out in the future (front fork / rear suspension conversion).

Have spent some time looking through the forum already, its been great to see what others have done - there are some beautiful bikes on here.

Very refreshing to be able to join an actual forum again - too many I have been a part of in the past have disappeared with a Facebook group in its place full of countless "which oil do I use posts"  cheers


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Welcome Alex Smile

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