BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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New member
Howdy gang, Scott here, from Oregon though currently living in hell, SW Floriduh to help with my elderly mom.  

I've owned over 100 bikes, including over 40 (50?) Beemers, almost all were boxers of air, oil, and water cooled variety.  Besides my newly acquired K bike (see below), I have a 2016 R1200R roadster resplendent in white with red frame.  Nekkid and fast.

I just picked up my first early K bike, an '85 K100RS with low miles (19K) in gorgeous Alaska Blue, everything works, never down, WITH a color matched and professionally installed Hannigan Sprint sidecar, which is like new.  This is my 3rd BMW hack, my first two handled like crap and braked even worse (single front discs suck on a hack).  This K hack handles very well, makes you feel like a he man hustling it through the turns but gives you full confidence it's not going to go into the weeds if you know what you're doing.  The Hannigan is a work of art, with optional disc brake, seat belt, USB and power port, single bright headlight, and tonneau.  OMG I'm in love with this and won't let it go.  My kids can fight over it when my ashes are dispersed over the mighty Pacific near my place in Yachats.

Anyway, I'm super thrilled to be here amongst you all and to glean any knowledge I can when I have questions.  Will try not to ask what is the best oil to use.  Shell Rotella?  LOL




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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Life time member
First post in and you are starting an oil thread. Man you have guts!!!!! 

Next you might be asking about the best Christmas pudding to get.....

I got an 83 Alaska Blue K100RS parked outside, it came 3 years ago at 29k miles after 17 years parked in a boat shed having had 2 elderly keepers......

A beauty that needed a lot of stuff as seals hoses rubbers etc perish.

I love it.

PS All my bikes are K bikes.

1992 K100LT 0193214 Bertha Blue 101,000 miles
1984 K100RT 0022575 Brutus Baja Red 578 bought 36,000 now 89,150 miles
1997 K1100LT 0188024 Wotan Mystic Red 689 58,645 now 106,950 miles Deceased.
1983 K100RS 0011157 Fricka 606 Alaska Blue 29,495 miles Damn K Pox Its a Bat outta Hell Now 58,200 miles. 
1996 K1100LT 0233004 Lohengrin Mystic Red 38,000 miles currently 49,200 miles.
1983 K100RS 0004449 Odette R100 colours 58,000 miles. Sprint fairing now 63,390 miles

1968 Yamaha 80 YG1
1971 Yamaha 125 YAS-1
1968 Honda 125 SS
1970 Honda CD 175
1973 Honda CB500-4
Honda CX 500

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Dan Pete

Dan Pete
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Silver member
Great bike. I lusted after it every time it would repost on craigs! He was all over the place on asking price along the way. Did you also get all the extra body parts he was advertising with it (sometimes) ? I have plans for a K75 RS conversion, and might be interested in some of them.
I've never actually ridden a hack, but lately have been eyeballing a couple.

1987 K75S Red (metallic) (575) Vin 0150375 (6/19/86) Bought 05/2021 with 53K miles.
1988 K75S Marrakesh Red (643) Vin 0151479 (08/14/1987) Bought 05/2005 with 14,500 miles. Rode till 2009 at 35Kmiles. Stored in poor shape since. Sad
1993 K1100RS Mystic Red    Parts Bike. Seems mostly complete, apparently only 9100 miles!

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Welcome Scott Smile

Pics or it didn't happen Razz

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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
Welcome to the forum Close Casket.
The K100 is the perfect bike to pull a sidecar and the Hannigan is a piece of art.
I had a K100rt with an EML kit, and I switched to a K1200lt with a Hannigan Astro.
I love the K12, but with a sidecar it doesn't have the same power as the K100. The K12 is a lot heavier and has only an extra 10HP. Another big difference is that I had 15" car wheels on the K100. As a result the top speed was reduced but it was more responsive (who care, because when you go over 160km/h with a rig it become dangerous).

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Intro to the GANG! Frog15Intro to the GANG! Logo2101986 k75, 1985 K100rt, 1985 K100rt/EML GT2 sidecar, 1999 K1200lt/Hannigan Astro Sport sidecar.

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