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Bought a 1987 K75C a few months back and have been working on it as my summer project. Well I'm now in my last week before moving from Ohio to Colorado and had a couple questions on wiring.

I'll put here just in case but will add a post to electrical as well. I'm adding a m.unit which seems like plenty have experience on here but I'm trying to get the bare necessities so that I can just get my bike on and into the moving truck later this week. Didn't have enough time or budget to get the new controls and speedo. So just trying to connect the old controls and not worrying about the previous speedo and lights. I've gone through a couple posts in the past to help my wiring diagrams but am stuck on setting up the original ignition switch and starter switch on the right controls. Only relays I have left are the temp sensing relay and starter relay. So I'm pretty confident I have those guys connected correctly.

What I have currently tried, there are four wires out of ignition control.
-Grey - which I was under impression was for speedo/tach. So it's not connected to anything.
-Green - goes into right control connection, not where if that's needed on the other end.
-Red - Which I originally tried into the Lock on the m.unit first and then tried on the BAT on the m.unit on the second pass.
-Blue/Grey - Tried on the Start input first and left unconnected on the second pass with the black/yellow wire on the Start input on the second pass.

Can't wait to get this up and going again. Have recorded my process and will eventually edit and post on youtube but have put all my time into getting it ready for the move. I did see a couple small about an altitude piece in the wiring but haven't seen anything on the m.unit diagrams that I have passed along the way, any feedback for that piece as well?

Thanks for any help or guidance!


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Welcome NickyV Smile

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