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Do you want your bike to be featured in an advertising campaign?

I've just been asked about finding a K-bike to be used in an ad campaign. The requirements are a bit vague but the director in the US (It will be shot locally) has been inspired by a mid 90s stripped down K75S (he specifically doesn't want the bad boy Harley/Triumph image, its too common these days). The key words I got were: mid 90s era, not brand new, but used and well cared for, stripped down, intelligently modified, a bike that gets used to carry someone places. I doubt they even know the difference between 75/100/1100.

I was thinking that Gazs' K75X would fit the bill nicely myself. Could be an opening for a Crappe Racer type bike too.

Initially it's 4 days shooting (@ Kangaroo Valley and other locations) @ $500 per day. They will move the bike to the locations, who is riding is not clear. There is a possibility of further shoots in SA and WA as the business is looking to move into those markets. They might also be interested in buying the "right" bike.

They need photos to assess the bike for suitability by this Thursday (30/9/21)

Anyone interested please contact Dave Beers (BMW club) so he can pass it to the people looking (disclosure- the BMW club gets a $500 finders fee.

Please don't ask me any further questions, I don't know any more info. Best to ask Dave directly, it will be quicker anyway taking me out of the loop.


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K-bike wanted for featuring in an advertising campaign K-dogs10

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