BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Silver member
Silver member
Since Anna wouldn't let me out to play, is there any chance of the Snowy ride being resurrected in 2022?


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Life time member
Life time member
See Southern Ride 2022.  Smile

Happy coincidence that I'm resuming forum activity on the same day as this topic came up.


1985 K100RT  VIN 0028991  My original Very Happy   (Historic rego)
1985 K100RT  VIN 0029036  BOB the Blue Old Bike  (Historic rego)
1990 K100LT  VIN 0190452  Work in progress
1984 K100RT  VIN 0023022  Work needing lots of progress

1986 K100RT  VIN 0090542  Work needing lots and lots of progress
1993 K1100LT  VIN 0183046  Work in progress
1993 K75S  VIN 0213045  Newest toy, slightly non-original

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