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93 on a K Reg, 116,000 miles so over the teething stage and getting into its stride for its second hundred thousand.
Used every day during uni term for a 120 mile round trip. New tyres fitted 200 miles ago (Conti-Go).
Well specced machine:

2-stage heated grips
electric adjustable windshield
vanity light
cigarette lighter plus an additional 2 x aux out
colour matched top box which works from ignition key (as does seat/helmet lock and petrol cap)
fuel and water temp dial gauges
5 months MOT
2 months tax
Last serviced May 2010

Paint has scuffs and chips as you'd expect at this mileage and age (particularly the mirrors), but is generally good and shiny,
with nothing at all to suggest any kind of bike to tarmac interaction.
Some surface rust on the usual suspects: seat lock, shock, stands (last two can be seen in pics)
Small seam split on left hand side of seat (see bottom left of second pic) never bothered me as when the bikes getting wet it's cos I'm on it!

Starts first time every time and does exactly what I've needed to get me to Uni safely, rides and tracks smooth & straight,
pulls cleanly and evenly. I'd say absolutely everything works but.....

The backlight for the left hand dial gauge (fuel) doesn't illuminate. This is the one and only non-working electrical feature.
I've had the bike since May and have put 5000 miles on it (would have used it through the snow but garage was inaccessible).
Which brings me to the reason for sale - I am losing the use of the neighbours garage and therefore need a bike to fit through my side gate.

I already have a K75S undergoing refurb so cash from this sale will allow that to be put back on the road (and through the gate )
so not looking for a part ex unless you have something equally practical but slimmer/lighter.
Similarly, although I have panniers, they were originally intended for the 75 and took me ages to find a decent late set (deepest version)
with matching, working locks, so while a deal could be done including these it would have to be a good one!

So, this will be going on ebay later in the month with a starting price of £1000 to see what it goes for.
In the meantime, pm me for viewings/contact details/offers and save me the hassle...

UK K1100LT for sale (Cambridgeshire) UK 5320272073_f3154fde08_b

UK K1100LT for sale (Cambridgeshire) UK 5320876948_03ff49a9ed_b

UK K1100LT for sale (Cambridgeshire) UK 5320276579_fba5cb0a9d_b



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Hi, how much did you have in mind? Thanks Jim



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Can't see your pictures for some reason.

VIN 0191428, 1991 K100LT, formerly owned by Lancashire Constabulary. This old warhorse is now 'out to grass' and living in retirement in Suffolk, where it will be showered with appropriate love and care.

VIN 6459609, 1992 K1100LT, another ex-Police machine, even though she now looks like she is a former fire engine.


Hi mate.  Do you know if the bike is still equipped with the police crash bars in the front?


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