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Karl P H

Karl P H
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OE BMW K100 Auxiliary Light Kit Thumbnail?appid=YMailNorrin&downloadWhenThumbnailFails=true&pid=2

1 Bosch low beam light,
1 Bosch high beam light,
2 H3 bulbs,
2 connecting cables,
2 mounting brackets,
1 on/off dash switch, 
1 wiring harness - inc. 2 relays. (Into which the above components plug into and which is itself plugged into the bike's wiring loom by way of a plug in the under tank relay box)

Installation is 'Plug & Play', the lights working using the bike's standard light switches.

Rare. Excellent condition. Complete. AU$350 (+ freight)

Karl P.H.

Pearl White K100RS (16v) (1992)
Dolphin Blue R1100R (1997)

Alaska Blau K100RS (1985)
KZ750GT P2
CB750/4 F2
CB360 T

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