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Hello everyone,

After 30 years away from bikes, I bought this one with fairing and bags, discovering it is really a RS or RT model.

It needs everything gone through- so before I tackle the final drive and output spline lube jobs,

I'm asking what people would advise for the order I overhaul the bike-

1. Change oil and all filters
2. change plugs and wires
3. pull/refurb injectors and tune throttle body

She pulls just a bit to the right- any ideas on working through a diagnosis?

ps no BMW Motorad dealers/service around here.

What I could really use is someone with a K100 I could get pictures from, for example:
- The clutch-kickstand retraction mechanism is gone - what do I need to order?  I think pictures of what it should look like will help
- a couple of tabs look broken off in various places- pictures of other better bikes would indicate if they are/should be functional

Anyone willing to share some pictures of their K100?'ll be hearing from me again...



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Welcome from East Aurora! 

If it was my bike I would set up a maintenance baseline by just addressing brakes, splines, valve gaps, throttle bodies and all the fluids.  While you're in there, it is very beneficial to give every electrical connection a shot of Deoxit electronics cleaner.  Then make sure all the electrical stuff like lights and horns works.

Get the engine running before getting into the cosmetics.  I don't know what your bike looks like, but if you have your outside water turned on now, pull the seat, the tank, and as many body panels as you feel comfortable removing and give the bike a good clean with S100 motorcycle cleaner.  It's always easier to work on a clean bike and cleaning will give you a chance to inspect a lot of the bike.

As far as dealers, don't be concerned.  These bikes are very easy to work on, and don't require much in the way of tools beyond what is in the bike's tool kit.  There are lots of used parts on eBAy, and there are a number of aftermarket mail order dealers on the internet.  If you can't find an aftermarket part on the internet there is a mega-dealer MaxBMW in New England that has a great online ordering service.  The best part is they offer free shipping and don't charge New York State sales tax!

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New K100LT owner here- advice needed already! 177912

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