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PS: I have uploaded a document with pictures, but can’t see it. If you can’t see the doc email me at for the document.

I am advertising here before advertising anywhere else.

I love K75’s. This is my third one. 1992, 1994, 1987. Unfortunately there are 5 bikes in the garage at present and two have to go. And wanting to simplify this one has the most bits [panniers, screens etc.] hanging around and takes the most of my non-riding time.

The bike is registered, runs well and started often. I rode it most weeks from mid June 2020 to May 2021 to Brisbane for 3 days work - 400km round trip every week. The bike ran flawlessly. I then purchased a R1150R  to do that run. 

1987 K75 [750 cc, 3 cylinder, non-ABS]. Aus $4,500 for everything below. Reduced by $1k 6 May]

I bought the bike in August 2017 from a member of the BMW Touring Club of NSW. It was on historic plates until I moved it to QLD in May 2018. I spent three months in Singapore from Aug 2017, so no riding in that time.

Odometer did not work for about 16k km. I bought the bike at 72k km in August 2017. Odo stopped just after I moved the bike to QLD in May 2018. The bike was not running from October 2018 to July 2019 due to Hall Sensor and me working in Indonesia. I added about 16,000 km's while the odo was not working and the odo [fixed] is now on 81k so the bike has done around a 100k. Very little for these bikes. There are many examples with 300k km on and even 500k or 700k km's.

What’s included:
• Corbin Comfort seat with red piping and Original seat that is currently fitted.
• Bike comes with 2x large OEM panniers and 1x 22L OEM “City” top box. All keys coded to ignition. Top box fits on standard BMW K rack. Pannier hinges in very good condition.
• 3 x different headlight shrouds. Standard, K100 and Big round headlight shroud [no fittings for this one].
• Tall screen similar to the BMW touring screen using BMW fittings. Original faded yellow, but also available.
• No Heated grips [can supply slightly used a pair that came with bike for $100. Oxford not OEM].
• Speedo works.
• Bars raised for more comfortable Upright riding position. Cables all OK.
• Bike uses very little oil.
• Battery bought new from Munich Motorcycles in 2020.
• Need clutch boot replaced.
• Splines - shaft replaced last year with a better one.
• Brakes - No ABS.
• Brakes - front 2x disc, replaced brake fluid April 2021.
• Brakes - drum rear. Drum brake lining close to spec.
• 2 x Inner bags for large panniers. With shoulder straps. Probably one of the best value convenience purchases I have ever made for any bike. 

Also included:
• 1 x Large Siebenrock 50L top box - fits on standard BMW K back rack. Separate key for this box. Fits 2x full face helmets.
• 2x sets City Panniers [small] - one set black, one set red. Keys not matched to ignition.
• Cosmetic Damage - front fender. Paint cracked.
• Radiator cowl, RH side lug broken off. I have the lug will epoxy it back on.
• Spare back end - blue, including 1 indicator with lens and two grab handles.
• 2x indicator housings without lenses
• 2 x new pannier hinges.

2 x Brand new Michelin Pilot Activ tyres - not fitted [~$400].

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Sorry to hear your letting the K75 go  

best of luck with the sale  mate  


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Thank you Matt.


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