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johny brando

johny brando
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Hello all , following reading a few forum battery threads - which inspired me - I'm currently now about to top up an old & tired Yuasa sealed AGM from one of my Triumph triples  ..I've got into it & i'm going  syringe in about 7ml of distilled water into each cell & then give it a charge & see if the volts come back up a bit best it gets after a charge is about 12.55v & that falls away to about 12.35 after a couple of days ( not happy with that as it could knock out my very expensive way under-engineered sprag clutch ) = their / battery is too small really for the 1050 long stroke motor's only a 12amp !! thats all & there's no room for a bigger battery either ! ..... That aside I'm also about to buy one of those 30amp - 390 
c-crank -  Black HD ( Aaaaargh... spit !! ) Moto Batts as the K100 / Bricks  current existing Yuasa 'wet-celled' ....after 10 years has had enough .Can't complain at though aye ! When new, I put 1x teaspoon of Epsom Salts powder in each cell from  seemed to make it last longer-better = never, ever any sign of visible sulphating & I always charged it monthly when not in use. Hope the Moto-Batt AGM will last that long but I doubt it ! What is the general consensus in the Forum on those 30 amp Moto-Batts a thumbs up or down ? the Cold Cranks brilliant... but the rest ????? Your opinion please ?

      Speedo on my 1985 base model ( =single fuel light speedo clocks ) Speedo went South after 18 months from new & did the normal -bouncing for a while.... then nothing for a while... then came good for a day every now & then .....then kaput for the next 35 years to date. I'm guessing this will be a quite well covered past  topic on the forum as they were all the same back then aye ! 
Not worth throwing lots of money at the clocks aye ! The bikes still good ...done about  160,000  Klms..... but it's still tight & runs sweet & were attached as I bought it new & I'm the only person to have ever worked on it since 1985 . I opened the clocks up years ago & had a good sniff around in there but it's all electronics' ....could not see any hot spots or anything untoward - swapped out the diff pick-up sensor = still no-go though . If any one out there could perhaps please enlighten & steer me on what I might check out & how to do that...well, I'd be very keen & grateful to learn from you, as of course ....I know that is hard earn't knowledge !  Either way thanks for reading this & ride safe .


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