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Greetings brick lovers,

I am in need of thinning the herd and after much deliberation, it is my 1993 K75 being offered up. It has 63.5k miles on it and runs like a top except for a brief stumble during the initial cold start and warm up drill. I have owned it for 2.5 years. It has 2.5 year old tires, Avon in front and Dunlop in the rear. I did not have to do anything to this bike to ride it except clear a clogged front brake line in front and bleed the brakes, and change the oil and filter. At first it seemed to run rich and after examining the adjustment screws I found cylinder #3 had been enrichened considerably, not sure why. I turned the screw the 45 degrees it took to align with the other two and it transformed the bike's running during warm-up. I dropped the bike while trying to put it on the center stand and damaged the hinge on the right bag. Also scuffed the right engine case. The bike has some scratches on the tank and is in decent but not perfect cosmetic shape. There are no dents or cracks. Photos at the following link:

The bike has a clean CA title and current registration. I am asking for $2500. Local pickup only in La Habra CA 90631.

Ian F. - 1993 K75, 1970 Moto Guzzi V-750, 2000 KLR650

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