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Has anybody tried using connector cap nuts for attaching brake discs to the center hub? They would look a bit neater than a M6 bolt and lock nut. An M6x12mm connector and an M5x10mm bolt.


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bad boy

bad boy
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Two Wheels Better wrote:
Big Bock K100
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Wed Jan 21, 2015

I've found the perfect brake disc hold down screw from BMW.
It's a T30 Torx®, part number 34 11 7 700 989, with shoulder, 8 x 27mm x 1.25 thread pitch, from any late model R, K or S Beemer.

Brake Disc cap nuts Imag1026

No machining's required and they clear the inside of the fork legs by a country mile.

Cheerz, David

Brake Disc cap nuts 9438-010

1997 Peraves Super Ecomobile: a Kevlar reinforced monocoque with outrigger wheels, seating two.
K100 fork, monolever, headlight, indicators, K1100RS gearbox and K1200RS 589 engine, rear wheel

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