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I'm getting ready to move and I need to clear out stuff. like a lot of us, I've accumulated a ton of stuff "for future projects"! Wink So to start the ball rolling (and show the wife I've started), I would like to offer this engine for free pickup. It is a 16v and I believe the only issue is the rear main oil seal (the clutch plate is oil sodden). I saw it run while on the bike and it didn't smoke.

I've got lots of other parts but I'll try to recoup some cash on them as I've got a few months before I go Wink  pick up in Asheville, NC.

16v K100 Engine Free!! Img-7310

1981 R100 cafe- 121,000 miles
1985 K100 cafe - 55,000 miles
1987 K75C - 44,000 miles

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