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Bought this bike a few weeks ago for cheap, figuring I could sort it out over the winter and have a solid RS, if not perfect, cosmetically. Here's what I brought home.
Project renovation RS H473pKNWSLCgjr6V9

I've been struggling to get this one running, picking brains over at the MotoBrick, making mistakes and generally scratching my head trying to revive the bike. Meanwhile, I've been piecing it together using the parts that came with the bike, and sourcing the missing pieces.
Project renovation RS IAmrqFsYsYSeff2q8

The more I look, the rattier this bike is. Although the PO has owned it since '87, It doesn't appear to have been well kept. Paint work is scruffy at best, broken off mounting tabs on body work, discoloration on alloy parts, and rusty frame. The lowest pipe on the Luftmeister exhaust has pinholes. I'm beginning to think even at the bargain price, I paid too much. 

But then again, I might just be hitting a low point in the renovation cycle. If I could just get it running decently it would be encouraging.


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Life time member
It doesn't look too bad in the pic's Swampy , reverse the ugly mod's ( mirror pods etc ) , give everything a bit of TLC and you will have a nice machine

John Re

Melbourne Australia

Diamond Grey ( 617 ) 1987 K100RS ( European Delivery ) Original owner

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