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'86 K100RS - some assembly required Krslh11
'86 K100RS - some assembly required 20221011
Pics of my project RS. Outside pic is as-bought last November. Pic in the barn is after cobbling together the lower fairing and pannier mounts out of the box o parts from the P.O. I've since sourced most of the rest of the fairing bits. Follow my bumbling progress in my "Project Renovation RS" thread in the renovations category. It's too late to talk me out of anything, so any encouragement and support is appreciated. Goal is to have a functional, albeit ratty bike by spring.



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I'm kinda digging the look with the bar mounted mirrors and(I assume) aftermarket turn signals.  The bike looks a lot more modern without the big mirror pods hanging off the side of the fairing.

Overall, the bike doesn't look that ratty in the photos.  Yeah, there might be a little "patina", but on a 30+ year old bike it's just "street cred".

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