BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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This motorcycle is in good very original condition.
 I am the 3rd owner. Following is a brief history of the bike 
·       Exported to Japan when new
·         imported to the UK and then Australia by its first owner.
·       sold to the second owner in Brisbane.
·       I purchased it in April 2016 with 62,500kms.
Current odometer reading is 104225.
The following maintenance/upgrades have been made:
Upgrades (included in sale price):
·       BMW Touring panniers with inner bags
·       Oxford Heated grips
·       Windscreen extension
·       Bagster tank cover ($300 rrp)
·       MJM custom seat ($500)
·       Braided front brake lines
·       52mm high flow fuel pump (the early models had a lower capacity fuel pump. The Australian models were upgraded but other models weren’t. This bike was a Japanese model so missed the recall.)
·       Fuel cooler
·       Mishimoto undertank insulation
·       YSS rear suspension  ($325)
·       Regular maintenance every 5000kms including spline services at scheduled intervals
·       Michelin Pilot Activ rear tyre at 94000kms
·       Michelin Pilot Activ front tyre at 96000kms
·       Venhill featherlight clutch and throttle cables
·       New rocker cover and crankcase cover gaskets and grommets
At 100,000kms
·       New rear engine oil seal
·       Output shaft o ring
·       Starter motor O ring
At 103000kms
·       Starter motor brushes
·       Alternator brushes
·       Starter motor relay
·       Battery 2022 January
I am selling to make way for another project.
$3750 neg inclusive of all extras. 
I'm sorry that I'm not permitted to post photos. 
Please contact me with your email address and I'll send extensive pics.
Cheers Leon


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