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Has anyone changed out their old bake lines for new stainless steel ones? If so what brand and was there a kit specifically for the K bike? I would like to keep the tube in the steering head so it would probably be a 3 line system.
Any suggestions?



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HEL, Galfer, Goodridge, Spiegler, Russell, Venhill and others all make quality braided brake lines for your bike. Check out their various websites. A few of those names can be bought straight from your dealer and others are online. I use HEL, Spiegler and Galfer custom lines on my various motorbikes. The difference in 'feel' is worth it. Sometimes it's worth a visit to your local hydraulic fitting place to see if they can make you up a set. Bring along the original lines with you or have detailed images of the fittings and lengths needed. Here in OZ HEL make a set for our three way front system for $163.50. They're supplied with the necessary copper seals, you get to choose what colour fittings, hose covering, and banjo bolts you want, and there's a North American distributor as well:

Here's an OZ link for your model, but the US site will likely have something similar:


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