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Some time ago I dropped my 1985 K100RT in the parking lot. It fell on the left side and the mirror popped off as designed. However, since the morror had not been off for maybe 25 years, it didn't pop off as easily as designed. The studs holding the mirror were corroded and it took a very hard hit to pop it off. As a result I now have small hairline cracks appearing in the fairing from the mirror pod downward to the turnsignal pod.
I am looking for any suggestions as to how to fix the cracks or at least how to keep them from getting any worse.
It does not seem to have compromised the integrity of the fairing. They are just very noticable.
Richard1 :pale:


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more than likely fibreglass fractures causing paint fractures richard could reinforse the rear side of the fairing with more fibreglass ...but dont try to fill those cracks with "bog" ...body filler etc experience is that it just doesnt respond to the flexing that happens when day to day and hiway riding happens tends to be non flexible and cracks again in near the same places ..causing much disatisfaction in the fixit job just completed

maybe a layer of new fibreglass fibres and epoxy is the go and refinish to as smooth as you can get it .... before undercoat and a respray then top coat (clear).....

hope this helps

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In the past I have drilled a small hole at the end of the crack to prevent further travel and then repaired with fibreglass resin and cloth.
then as charlie says to finish off. alternately if your'e not cash strapped, give it to the pro's.


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