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Hi All,

After looking at camper trailers and the like, soaking up comercial designs I decided to get busy with my favorite ssoftware and have been busy in Google Sketchup. I have been drawing myself a set of
plans for an Alloy Trailer Box to fit on a 4*3 bed or smaller in my case.. (Cut nearly a foot out of a Easy Trailer!) The plans give the
overall shape and dimensions but leave the hinges, gas Struts, Locks ect
to the individual, this way they can customise the trailer to their
liking. I would like to share these with the forum members.

If you want a copy of the file to play and Dream in 3D, just PM me with email and I will send it to you. The plans are in Sketchup format. Here is a
screen shot.
3D Trailer Box Plans Traile10
3D Trailer Box Plans Traile12 u=15554315]3D Trailer Box Plans Traile11[/url]


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as a guy who has well over 100,000 miles trailering, i've got a few ideas of my own that don't seem too cool at first glance but, the really work.

the box plans you printed alby are good but, instead of a sleek aerodynamic nose, why not make a mount for a cooler and in front of that a mount for a 6 liter gas can?

as far as running gear goes find a couple of front wheels at a motorcycle boneyard that match and weld the axles together and make a complete carriage.

the tongue to axle width ratio should be 2 and a half to 1, so if the wheel track is 36 inches the ball to axle should be at least 90 inches.

with a nice long tongue the trailer will not wobble when going down the highway.

right now the tongue on my trailer is 10 feet long because with a very long tongue, tight mountain switchbacks on gravel are handled better when the bike is straight up and pulling and the trailer is still exiting the curve.

as far as lighting goes, the stock flasher will handle the extra bulbs, HELLA fog light realys will handle the stop and tail light chores as well.

2 12 gauge ground wires will suffice nicely.

put the connector plug up as high as possible so road spray cannot hit it.

light up the back like an 18 wheeler and have side lights too.

too bad Reynolds is not making hitches anymore, they are the best.

i'll try to figure out how to upload pictures so everyone can see what my creature looks like.

the thing that makes trailering so good is once you get to your destination you just unhook it and your sport bike is ready to go.

so much better than piling gear a mile high on the back of a bike and traveling for hundreds of miles.


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mikeeeee, yes you are right. This design was to keep size down. It is based on a Coot trailer to keep size and weight down. I drew up the dimensions for anyone wanting to build their own. We have a supplier of hitches here in Queensland called Classic they deliver everywhere.


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when you're packing your trailer when breaking camp, you're packing it for the next trip.

also external tie down rings are cool to have so if you break camp in the rain, your wet tent doesn't have to go inside.

a swivel hitch is very nice to have too.


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