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New member
New member
Last week on a 400 mile trip in every hot weather I hit the right turn switch and no turn signal now there is no signals or horn. Check all wires, cleaned the switches now I get 4 blinks then 4 way turn on, hit the left and the right comes on. I have change the flasher unit but no change still no horn the RT has 80,000 miles on it but it runs and rides great. Anyone have a idea on what is going on?


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RicK G

RicK G
Check all the fuses. A friends K100 had similar problems and it turned out to be a blown fuse but not to do with the indicator circuit. (these bikes are electrically strange)

The load shed which earths through the starter can also be a problem if the starter brushes are worn so they dont get a good contact.

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Inge K.

Inge K.
If it`s only the turn signals and horn that don`t function correct, the problem is in the fuse circuit #7.
if you in addition to that have an erratic headlight (or no headlight), it is as K Freak says worn brushes
on the starter that is the problem.

A simple test is, connect a jumper cable beetwen terminal at the starter and a good ground point.
Do not push the starter button when doing this test.

If your horn, turn signals and headlight then functions, you need new starter brushes...sometimes
it`s enough to clean the commutator if the brushes still is inside the lenght limit.
If this don`t help, the problem is the load shedding relay itself (or its connections).

Inge K.


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