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Hi all out there.

I am in the home stretch with returning the bike to a running unit and have come upon a little issue. I am putting the fairing inserts back into position on the K100RS bike.

I am at the stage where the half moon black cover (above the headlight) and the internal black inserts need screwing back in. All is ok except at the top section in the attached picture.

Fairing hardware question Dsc00013

A self tapping screw looks like it should go into the rectangular bit (on the left of picture) and this would hold the black metal frame in place. Then the long black rubber side covers screw into this with two screw just below the photo area. This piece is loose in the photo and wants to sit happily over the white round piece.

What is the white round plastic piece on the indicator metal piece for? Does the self tapper (above) go through both these pieces? It could go and would hold the black half moon piece. Is this the way it should go?

Does the rectangular piece go underneath the white round piece and the self tapper screw then go through the half moon fairing cover and into the white and then finally into the rectangular piece?




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Sorry in a rush to go out, take a look at either Max BMW or Real OEM online parts fiche for your year, navigate through to the fairing and see if the exploded diagram shows anything.


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