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Hi guys!
This is what I found inside the tank.

Inside a fueltank. DSC00194]
This bike had been stored in a unheated garage for about ten years.
When I opened the filler cap there was a strong smell of naphta.
The metal parts were corroded and the mounting rubber for the fuelpump was soft as tar.
The inside of the tank had the same color as the filter.
All the parts had to be replaced and the tank thoroughly cleaned.
This got me really worried about the rest of the fuel injection system.
Here`s a shot of the bike.
]Inside a fueltank. DSC00121
The fuel in the rail was clean and the injectors were looking good,I had them checked and they where OK.
I used new O-rings for the injectors and all hoses were replaced with new ones.
I installed a pressure gauge to check the fuel pressure and when the engine had turned a couple of revolutions it fired and run smoothly.
I couldn`t be happier!!!
The bike is now put together but I haven`t got any pictures yet.


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Gee you guys are getting fussy Very Happy

Everything else from what I can see looks pretty good and what a good shot of the airflow meter eh Bert.




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