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Okay, today I decided I would install a new set of progressive springs in my K100RS. All was going just fine until I started to put things back together. While gathering the parts I noticed I was missing one of the wire snap rings that holds the top cap in place. I looked everywhere without any success. Finally gave up and decided it's a good time to renew both rings. Unfortunately the snap ring is no longer available. Now that's a problem. So here's my question: has anyone found a suitable substitute? and what was it used for before it became a BMW part?


RicK G

RicK G
Jim if you can find someplace that makes springs from wire they would sell you a bit of spring wire of the right diametre and by finding something a bit smaller in dia that is solid you could bend the wire around it and cut it to length. It is really quite easy I have done similar things many times. Bit of experiment but it works.

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