BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Hi all,

As some, or most, might know, I'm currently restoring a 1984 K100TIC (ex-Victoria Police) to her former glory.

One of the major goals of this project was to return her to a condition equal to, if not better than, how she would have rolled off the production line in Germany, so I wrestled for quite some time over how to bring the major mechanical components back to as near new condition as possible.

After a suggestion from Phil Marshall, at K&R Motorcycles in Cheltenham, the drive line components were broken down and sent out for hydroblasting.

When they returned, I can only say they were in BETTER than new condition. Quite literally, the BMW factory wouldn't have stocked items as pristine as these!!!

For the technically inquisitive, the process (as the name implies), uses a high pressure water jet to remove all excess media from the object, but rather than prattle on, why not watch a video of hydroblasting in action?

Hydroblasting In Action!


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