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sidecar paul

sidecar paul
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Life time member
There are a lot of options for LED lights these days but here is how I did mine.

LED running lights. Ssl10611

Start with a Rolson 72 LED worklight.

LED running lights. 03311

Cut the printed circuit board to leave two rows of LED's and trim the chrome strip to suit.

LED running lights. Ssl10728

Fit it into the parking light space after removing the stepped 'reflector' thingy (I cut the centre section out of my stepped thingy to retain the end lumps)

LED running lights. Img_213

Wire it up as this diagram.

LED running lights. K100_l10

Mount the 5V regulator, resistor and relay somewhere on the fairing frame.

LED running lights. Ssl10823

Of course, if you've got a sidecar, make a matching unit for the front!

LED running lights. Ssl10612

And that's all there is to it.
Total cost of items is about £13 (April 2012).

(I did find that replacing the bottom Phillips screw with a 5mm stud makes refitting the headlamp unit easier.)


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