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Hi all

I sometimes get a "pulsating" feel in the front brake handle when breaking at low speed, f.x. by slowly rolling to a stop and slightly braking? At high speed, there is no problems/pulsation. Bike´s a 16V with ABS. Front and rear ABS is fully functionally. My own suspects is that the floating disc is a bit "too floating" (feels very loose, compared to other floating discs). Could this cause the brake disc itself to pulsate? Any advise please :-)....




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Two Wheels Better

Two Wheels Better
The 'bobbins', those round things that allow the disc to 'float' are prone to wear on that model. Grab the disc and rock it back and forth and if they're worn there will a pronounced rattle present. This could contribute to a pulse of sorts, especially at low speed. They are replaceable but not particularly cheap. Motobins - and others - stock replacements. It might be a good idea to see if the discs are out-of-round as well. This will be more of an issue at slower speeds but would be felt at any speed.


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