BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Hi Folks,
Whilst browsing the web I came across an interesting company who have some really neat bits of kit for BMW bikes.

First off I bought one of their LED Work Lights I think that this is a very well put together work light with a switch to turn the light on and off. The light puts out lots of LED bright white light EXCELLENT for motorcycle camping or dare I say it a breakdown :-( and it comes in a very sturdy pouch that fits in the K Bike tail stowage very neatly.

The next items I bought were Indi-Glo fuses which have an LED across the fusible element so when it blows it glows a really neat idea as the LED does not consume enough to be a hazard where there could be a short circuit downstream of the fault but how neat to just look at the fuse box and KNOW all fuses are intact because none of them are lit up.

The last item I bought was the really well designed battery vent catch bottle one of the problems with my K-Bike battery is it has a non BMW battery with a non standard vent hose which is connected to a long pipe which ends under the bike. Very rarely enough vapour coalesces with an acidic nature for a drip to fly off and land on the bike creating a small corrosion spot. No longer the little catch bottle which has a curved in side to mount cunningly on the frame tube will stop that.

Lastly they have some very good looking replacement K Bike lead sets which are WAAAY les expensive than the official ones and they look OK. I did not get a set as mine are fine but if I wanted new these would be the ones I would get.

The owner of the company is really helpful and easy to deal with and is quite happy to ship around the world.

I note for older BMW bikes with only half the correct number of cylinders :-) that he has some very neat electrical bits for charging, ignition and lighting.



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