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[img][/img]K100 radiator as fitted to K75RT K100_s11


Hi Folks, I'm nearing the end of my first conversion for hot summer riding here in s.e. Spain of my 1995 K75RT to "bare" format.

I already have the K100 rectangular rad cover and its associated small side fairings, which our dear friends at MW in Meltham assure me are the correct items for attaching to the K100 rad that was fitted as standard to the K75RT. But how ? I accept that I don't have the K100/2 tank variant with the 2 little forward-facing spigots to hook into the special rubber blocks at the top front edges of the small fairings. And there are slots at the bottom corners ( see pic ) which might require some form of rubber. So how to attach the rad cover itself before bodging the attachment of the side panels to it ?

And how to secure firmly the front brake hose and ABS cable that were both grommeted into the top edge of the large K75RT rad cover fairing ? A specially fabricated bracket attached to the single fixing bolt at the top centre of the radiator ? Can't seem to attach a pic of that problem....only one picture allowed ?

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

ALAN in Mojácar Playa

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Hello Alan in Mojácar.

It is customary on here to stick up an intro under the new members section and indeed is required in order to gain access to the downloads (well worthwhile).

Also stick up your bike model and Frame no in the signature section under "profile". This allows the reader to know exactly what model they are advising on. I personally have no k75 experience so I'll leave the advice to more knowledgeable forum members who will chip in I'm sure. Enjoy your time on here.


K100 radiator as fitted to K75RT Ir-log11 88....May contain nuts!K100 radiator as fitted to K75RT Ir-log11

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine from 1600 years ago & still true!

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Sorry, I didn't realise there was a preliminary stage before posting a new topic.

Bike: K75RT - classic black metallic; paint code 670; last 7 numbers of VIN: 0370658

Year: Originally purchased new from Rainbow in Sheffield in 1995

Purchased by me: Christmas 2011 in the UK from 3rd owner

Mileage: 8K - yes, only 8K guaranteed, proven with all MOTs, and 17 years old; stored for 9 years in a heated garage by an earlier owner who was sadly stuck down with arthritis. In one year, 07 to 08 he only added 81 miles ! Now at my home in the south-eastern coastal resort of Mojácar in the province of Almería, Spain by the azure blue of the Med. 300 days sunshine per year. Never ride at night.

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